Patrimoine et Cultures des Juifs du Liban

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We need your help to continue our task and to update our website. The work involved is huge and requires commitment from every person or any organization willing to contribute financially to help us achieve our goal.

Thanks to our partnership with the AIU (Alliance Israelite Universelle), donations are tax deductible (according to the French law) as a special account PCJL was established with this organization.

You will receive a CERFA certificate from the AIU which can be used for tax deductions.



and contribute to the preservation of the memory of the Jews of Lebanon.

For amounts of less than 100 Euros

You can pay by check directly to PCJL.

For amounts of 100 Euros and above

Write your check to  “AIU” with a mention for “Juifs du Liban” to benefit from tax deductions.

ISF donation

Should you be taxable on your wealth –the ISF in France- you could benefit from a higher tax deduction; please sign then your check to the” Fondation ENIO” with a special reference to “Juifs du Liban ”.

You can also pay through Paypal, account




47/49 Boulevard Port Royal  

75013 Paris



We will transmit your checks to the AIU or to the ENIO.


Any amount donated will be most welcome.

These funds are needed to finance the work of our association:

-Collecting documents in any form.

-Scanning and digitalizing all the material collected: written documents, videos, recordings, photos.

-Processing these archives to update our database.

-Transferring and making all these documents available on our website.

-Translating the website into English.



Make a donation