Patrimoine et Cultures des Juifs du Liban

Our history

It all started in the early 2000s. An internet forum, created by Elliott Stambouli was attended by hundreds of members of the Lebanese Jewish community and constituted a virtual meeting place, friendly and lasting that allowed people to meet and discuss the reminiscences of their past years in Lebanon.
The documentary "La petite histoire des Juifs du Liban" directed by Yves Turquier marked the awakening of the Jews of Lebanon and the awareness of their past; this film would not exist without the support of a small group of patrons (Moise Dweck, Jo el Mann and Mayer Dweck "z'l") nor without the support of the Foundation for the Memory of the Jews of Lebanon. The videos shot in preparation of this documentary were the starting point for the collection of a huge quantity of information, photos and documents.
Other initiatives have worked or are working in the same direction followed by our association and our work is mainly in the continuation of these efforts; Let’s mention for example the AJL (founded in 1985 by Jacques Stambouli) Ilai, Morasha, Fred Anzarouth and Gabrielle Elia who has just written a book, "The Funambulists, chronicle of the Jews of Lebanon from 1925 to 1975".
We dedicate our work to all those who "come from there" and to their children so that their history remains alive and their reminiscences and images of their life in Lebanon does not disappear.
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