Patrimoine et Cultures des Juifs du Liban

The founding members

Gina DIWAN - President
Born in Beirut, where she lived until 1975. Her thorough knowledge of the Jewish community in Lebanon has allowed her to participate in the filming of "The little story of the Jews of Lebanon" and to have access to many documents gathered for the occasion.
Yolla POLITY - Secretary
 Born in Saida, she is a lecturer at the University of Grenoble. She practices and teaches the profession of documentalist. She is the author of numerous publications, and created the PCJL database.
Yves TURQUIER - Treasurer
He left Lebanon, where he was a journalist, at the age of 23. Filmmaker, he has to his credit numerous documentaries. In 2006, he directed "La petite histoire des Juifs du Liban."